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web apps Cloud Computing Services IoT
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI IoT
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI
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Discover our range of BI & Big Data Solutions.

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Better insights lead to better business decisions. Our business intelligence and big data solutions altogether give you competitive advantage that’s rooted in hard evidence, not assumptions. Take advantage of our expertise in data ingestion, data management, various analytics tools and also data storage options. Makeen’s big data & BI services empower your team to make more informed decisions using rich and high-quality data, also valuable KPIs, and user-friendly reporting.
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We help you unlock and harness the underlying value from unstructured and unprocessed datasets. Today the data comes from several sources and making it not only interoperable but also ready for processing is an imperative skill. Our experts specialize in
  • Data blending (extraction and merging): we extract and combine data from multiple sources and formats in order to create a holistic dataset that is interoperable and processing ready.
  • Filtering: we build rules and policies to capture specific sub data sets for not only processing but also analytics.
Clean, focus and analyze your datasets by extracting highly important subsets and excluding erroneous or irrelevant subsets in order to achieve optimal analytics.

We help our clients separate signal from noise. Our experts offer two critical capabilities required to achieve business innovation and also adoption:

  • Analytic modeling: we identify hidden patterns in your data by selectively merging descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and data science together with deep learning techniques.
  • Data architecture: we provide secure data foundation, also cloud based architecture that can harness data for a deeper view into your needs and scale efficiently with future demands.

Our analytics empowers you to not only compete effectively but win by meaningful margins in your business.

We make BI reporting specific to your company’s needs by following some noted best practices in business intelligence reporting. Furthermore, we support your key decision making by offering the following key features:

  • Plug and play functionality
  • Prioritization
  • Customizability and scalability 
  • User friendly design

We help you transform your decision making process to a more reliable and effective process by both eliminating silos and creating a single source of truth for your business.

Not only do we help you get critical technical capabilities to start and grow your business but also gain a cultural and adoption leverage. We help you get the most valuable insights from your data because we understand that your data is an important competitive asset and a core differentiator. As a result we offer secure and customized scalable solutions that helps you attain sustainable growth.

Big Data & BI
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M Shafay A.

Big Data & BI expert
Dan leads the engineering, management in addition, technical hiring at Makeen. He has extensive experience scouting, gelling teams, engineering, delivering product and also expectations management that gives him the leverage of depth and software engineering to approach the industry with a holistic view, and this has resulted in several successful projects for him.
Big Data & BI
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