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Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI IoT
web apps Big Data & BI
web apps Cloud Computing Services IoT
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI IoT
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI
Cloud Computing Services Big Data & BI
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Discover our range of Cloud Computing Solutions.

mobile apps web apps Cloud Computing Services
mobile apps web apps
Transform your legacy infrastructure into one that’s agile, flexible, and scalable with Makeen’s cloud computing services. Create a digital environment for your business that meets growing demand, streamlines workflows, and increases productivity. Access your data securely from any location and increase collaboration among your team.
Our cloud services enable access to internal communication and tools, data, and email using a secure internet connection on any device, regardless of location.
Upgrading to the cloud infrastructure clearly offers a huge advantage in terms of productivity, costs, growth and security. But implementing all the necessary changes relating to the upgrades isn’t easy. By working in partnership with Makeen, we will help you make an informed decision in order to get the most out of your infrastructure for years to come. Upgrading your existing infrastructure is one of the greatest things you can do for your company, and our expertise in cloud solutions and its management guarantees that any costs will prove themselves to be well worth it over time. We make sure that your system is not only fit for purpose, but also enables your people to do their jobs as efficiently as possible while you keep your business competitive, reliable and responsive.

Our strategy for a successful data migration includes both pre-migration and post-migration analysis. Makeen data migration experts will carefully help you craft a reliable and secure plan through the phases of identifying data sources, duplicating records, data mapping, transformations and translations until the trial review of the data migration process. During the post migration and handover process, we provide training to your engineers and analysts along with relevant and complete documentation, in order so that they are well versed with the new system. For us, it is not only about migration but we want to help you succeed in your mission by upgrading your system and productivity.

When we commit to a project, we do it wholeheartedly. Customer support for us is not about just delivering solutions to our clients but being a part of their journey to achieve their mission. We not only offer 24/7 customer support, but a holistic customer support experience to our clients that results in building trust for our clients.

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Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Computing Services mobile apps web apps


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Mamadou Mbodji

Cloud Computing expert
Looking for a cloud computing expert? Meet Mamadou Mbodji, a Director of Engineering at Makeen. Mamadou spent eight years as a programmer at Costco before joining Makeen. He is covering the whole process from assessing up to maintaining previously established secure cloud solutions. He’s just one Makeen expert you could work with on your project.
Cloud Computing Services IoT
AI & ML Cloud Computing Services

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